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This group is about playing Battletech. If you are a new player looking to learn or an experienced player looking for a game this the group for you. We are (as far as I can tell) the only open Battletech group currently active inside New York City.  

We run a Monday Night Mechs event about twice a month, the occasional larger narrative fights on Sundays, and some MegaMek. Pickup games can be arranged via our Discord. We play primarily at the Brooklyn Strategist.

Join us and do battle across the 32nd Century Inner Sphere.

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Monday Night Mechs #020: Amaris

The Brooklyn Strategist

Monday Night Mechs! This is the next game in our series of Monday Night Battletech game at the Brooklyn Strategist.

These are smaller 2-3 player games, on no more than two mapsheets, with 4-6 units at 10,000bv per side (aka the BK10K format).

  • Brooklyn Battletech 10K Rules (BK10K)
  • 10,000 Bv
  • BattleMech Manual Equipment
  • 4-6 Units
    ... see the linked rules for full list creation and scenario details.

Player should bring: Minis, Record Sheets, Dice, Maps, and a Pencil. The linked rules include a full list of recommend items. In order to complete the scenarios, game should start as early as possible. RSVPing is highly recommended.

Pregame coordination (if needed) will be done via the Discord. If you are new to the game, please let me know, and we will get a teaching table setup to help show you the ropes.

The store does charge a $10 table fee.

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Monday Night Mechs #019: Irian Technologies

The Brooklyn Strategist

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