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Welcome All Spiritual Seekers Of Truth & Light! Our Healing Workshops, Full & New Moon Circles, Shamanic Drumming Circles, & Spiritual Travel Retreats have finally found its home in historical Brooklyn, NY.

We offer a Smorgosbord of different healing modalities, tools and techniques to assist you and your family and friends to simply feel better. We hold the space and will be the witness for you to heal yourself in a safe and supportive environment. We are here to facilitate your own healing process by introducing you to a whole new world of spiritual practices that you might not have known about before. With this new information, you can make better choices and live more consciously coming from a more peaceful and loving place.

I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy & Sound Healer, Consciousness Facilitator, & Meditation Instructor who has a passion for helping people help themselves. I teach psychic development classes and Energetic Healing Techniques so you can remember who you are, what your Dharma (mission) is, and why you chose to come to our 3rd dimensional planet earth at this important time. Assisting others to empower and trust their special gifts is one of many things I have come here to do. This truly inspires and motivates me to bring my healing services to the city I was born in and have always lived in.

You can join our group if you are ready to open up, raise and expand your consciousness, meditate, participate in Family Constellation Therapy, meet new friends, connect with your Soul Family, and share your beautiful spirit with others. We will offer lectures and seminars from various teachers and authors, offer devotional chanting and Kirtans, live sound healing music and meditation circles, Astrology, Channeling your spirit guides, Kaballah, Women's Goddess support groups, healthy mind/healthy body workshops, Ayurveda, Shamanism from the Brazilian Rainforest, Psychic Fairs, Grandmother Wisdom Circles, Film Screenings, Reiki Classes & Circles, The Bars Energy Process For Clearing, Law Of Attraction Intenders Circles, Breath Work Groups, Osho Meditations, Trance Dance movement classes, Ceremonies, Native American sweat lodges, trips to pow-wows, and spiritual travel retreats to Peru and Siberia.

We Brooklynites are Ready to make positive changes in our lives, to open our minds and our hearts, and to re-connect with each other. We will meet at various healing centers and at our members homes or studios. Please email us if you would like to donate your space for healing services and events. We also want to reach out to families, especially those who are struggling with a diagnosis of Autism, PPD, ADD, OCD or Aspergers. Our goal is to encourage loving and non-violent communication among family members by changing our focus and re-framing our perceptions based on unconditional love. Many teenagers are misunderstood and may act out leading to stress and tension in the family unit. We teach stress-reducing techniques for every member of the family while supporting young people by teaching them Reiki and Energy Healing. We are all natural born healers no matter what our age.

Brooklynites Unite in love, service, and devotion to the planet and to each other. Please RSVP for events that you find interesting and would like to learn more about and experience yourself. Most events are held in Brooklyn-some are in Manhattan. If you have a particular interest or topic you wish to learn more about, please email me and I will do my best to make it happen.

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In Loving Support, Service, & Devotion,

Meryl Vandana Brinin

Reiki Master

Bars Practitioner

Intuitive Reader

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