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First Wednesdays at the Old Stone House

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Let's play some good tunes with good people! Join us at the Old Stone House for a welcoming slow jam. We play traditional tunes at a slow to moderate pace, perfect for learning by ear and exploring your instrument. For information about the how our jam sessions work and an idea of the tunes we're playing these days, check out our website, tune list (, and the comments from the last jam session (see past events in meetup).

The last half hour we will kick things up a notch and play a little faster!

At this time, masks will be optional; however, this may change if things heat up again.

Please consider donating $10 to support our leaders, our group, and our venues. We'll be putting out a donation "jar" and this money will support our fantastic jam leader and provide a small donation to the Old Stone House for providing us with such a beautiful space to play in. If you are unable to contribute, you are still welcome to attend!

You can pay cash or Venmo at the jam.

Please ignore the "unpaid" flag from Meetup. Donations are requested, but we are definitely not keeping track of this on any individual basis!

If you're new to BTSJ, check out our FAQ.

Please arrive as close to the beginning as you can. You are, of course, always welcome to arrive/leave as fits your schedule.

The location of the OSH is in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's located in the middle of the small park between 3rd and 4th Streets and 4th and 5th Avenues. Meetup maps sometimes get messed up, so be sure you have the right location! The 4th Avenue entrance is usually the open door, but sometimes the 5th Avenue door is open.

Please note that the venue has another event which ends at 6 and the organizers have to clean up. Please don't go into the space before 6:15. We have moved our jam back to 6:30 to better accommodate.

You may bring food and drink into the space, just be sure to clean up after yourself. We should leave the place as we found it.

The venue regularly has art exhibits within the space. Please be aware of your surroundings and instrument(s) to ensure the safety of all artwork.

Lastly, all are welcome to join us at The Gate (on 5th Ave across from the Old Stone House) after the jam for a drink or two!

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Brooklyn Traditional Slow Jam
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