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Open Boardgaming Wednesdays at Cool Stuff
Cool Stuff hosts open boardgaming on Wednesdays. It's open to the public, so there is no need for a meetup, but I wanted to get this on the calendar so folks who are planning to attend can coordinate with each other. The focus is on modern games, whether "euro" or "thematic". Think Agricola, Cosmic Encounters, etc. The store is open until 10pm or when they decide to close afterwards. NOTE: Cool Stuff has a new location in Hollywood.

Cool Stuff Inc

6867 Taft Street · Hollywood, FL

What we're about

Do you like to play strategy games? The kind of games that have expansions, or those that rank high on the boardgame geek forums? Enjoy some friendly competition? We do! And we'd love to find some others who do as well. We hope you'll join us and give your brain a little workout every once in a while (or as often as you want).

If you like to play the kind of games that are won based on your strategy and not just the roll of the dice, you should join us at our next meetup.

In the past, we have played: 7 Wonders, Ninjato, Troyes, Cyclades, Dominion, Le Havre, Stone Age, El Grande, Lords of Waterdeep, King of Tokyo, Navegador, Peloponnes, Endeavor, The Princes of Florence, Carcassonne, Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Ra, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Race For The Galaxy, Fluxx, Caylus Magna Carta, Citadels, Samurai, Glen More, Revolution!, Ticket to Ride, and a few more.

Please don't get intimidated if you've never heard the names of any of these games; at some point we hadn't either, but we're so happy we know them now! Next time we'll bring some of those and a few other ones. If you have any other geeky games you'd like to play, and don't mind explaining the rules to others, don't forget to bring them to our next meetup.

But keep in mind that this group probably won't play Monopoly, Scrabble, or Apples to Apples. We really focus on modern strategy games. They might be long (6 hours) or short (15 minutes). They might be wargames, optimization euros, or purely cooperative games. They might be zero-randomness or have buckets of dice. But on some level, the games all push you to make decisions, using strategy and tactics to win.

Hope to know you soon; until then, Happy Gaming!

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