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馃What ? The Game Over, Continue? is a series of informal interviews and range of events with those that have failed and lived to tell their story. That is what Insert Coin (Bright Pixel鈥檚 MVP program) is all about: taking the first step, learning, growing, failing, succeeding and learning all over again. Join us.

馃Why ? Entrepreneurship is all about rainbows, sunny days and unicorns right? News about mega investments, the hype around these new-age rock stars, the fame, the fortune... It's all so shiny and fabulous, isn't it? Pretty perfect, actually... Except for 90% of the times.
Things can get ugly really quickly. It feels like the end of the World. It's not. Trust us.
Even if you do fail, you will live to fight another day. You'll be smarter, more agile and way faster.
That's what we want to do by celebrating Failure - demystify what it represents, embrace what it teaches and, above all, give out huge kudos to all those that have failed and keep kicking it forward. These are the new heroes.
Put your cape back on. We want to know who you are.

Moderator: S贸nia Fernandes, Failure activist
Failure Heroes: Jo茫o Carreiro, Neodomus and Nozomi Founder & Hugo Castro, Bora and Goin Founder

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