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We are starting on a mission to showcase, discuss and learn anything in the world of PHP Developer life, encompassing anything from Symfony and Laravel, Composer, Personal/Commercial app demos, Toolchains, Dev culture and of course, Birmingham.

We're also full stack developers, so we host and welcome talks on DevOps subjects/tooling, front-end JS Frameworks such as Vue and React and even other server-side languages such as Go or Python.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if there is a subject or idea you'd like to discuss!

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brumPHP January: Cryptography / The UX of Text

Happy 2019! You didn't think we'd stop, did you? Oh no, we've been busy. This year is half booked already, and we're off to a cracking start... we've got the usual license to give away, drinks and pizza. All are welcome - non PHP (neither of our talks are exclusively on PHP!) and non tech people alike! A quick shoutout to our new sponsor, Jump24 who have previously sponsored us - who are also looking for hires! https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?t=senior+web+developer&jk=d1254ea2030d76d6&_ga=2.67172690.211107900.1547479314-1309266227.1547026504 ________________________________________________ Quick Intro to Cryptography - Richard Wallman Cryptography is something we constantly use, whether we realise it or not, but it's a subtle and nuanced area. This will be a shallow skim rather than a deep dive on the subject, for those who can't tell their RSA from their elbow. ________________________________________________ The UX of Text - Stuart Langridge About bots, and how they shouldn't pretend to be humans. About how user experience is more than just user interface. About language, and how a word can be worth a thousand pictures. About le mot juste. About where we go next.

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BrumPHP December: Party Season

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