brumPHP May: David Maidment / Jez Higgins

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Welcome to brumPHP May! As ever, we've got two fantastic talks lined up for you this month on a digital archiving project, and our first talk on Golang!

Anyone from any ability or even interest is welcome - our regular shoutouts go to Talis ( for hosting and our main sponsor Jump24 ( for pizza and drinks.


David Maidment - Retro Gaming in Golang

Before the 2000s, when memory and CPU cycles were more finite than today, game developers had to be creative with the hardware they coded for, making every byte count. So in honour of those hardware-defying developers, this session looks at a modern attempt to write an old-time game engine using Golang. Illustrated by plenty of GIFs, it demonstrates the art of working on individual pixels, palette swapping and implementing a basic physics engine from scratch.


Jez Higgins - The Very Slow Time Machine

Archangel is a joint project involving University of Surrey, The National Archive, and The Open Data Institute, investigating how we might help ensure the long-term integrity of digital documents stored in public archives.

When an archive produces a physical artefact, its relatively easy to establish that it is indeed the original document, preserved unaltered since it was first deposited.

But a _digital_ artefact?

A digital document can be infinitely copied without degradation, but can also be undetectably altered, inadvertently or deliberately, both with benign or malign intent.

How can we be confident that what we’ve presented with is, in fact, identical to the document that was first stored in archive?

Archangel is trying to address this problem, and in this talk I’ll describe some of the approaches and technologies we’re using.

Spoilers: Yes, it includes blockchains, but it’s about the only blockchain application you’ll hear of that doesn’t immediately make you feel dirty. It might also include machine learning, but it’s machine learning for justice.