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Calling all motivated professionals in the Charleston and surrounding areas. If you desire to reach your next level and discover your best self, join this group today! Our brunch event will include networking, empowerment and FOOD! Get the chance to meet like-minded individuals in your city and if you desire to do more, the opportunity is here. Brunch has never been better! Looking forward to meeting you all and growing as people so that we can be the powerful individuals we were created to be!

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Next Level Brunch with Allenlevispeaks

Allenlevispeaks has been hosting brunch events in Charlotte, NC over the past year and has gathered people from all cultures to inspire and encourage unity in purpose. During his last event in Summerville, SC Allen discussed the importance of knowing one's own purpose. It was dynamic! Let's not forget that they all went bowling later they day because of the connection each attendee experienced at the brunch. Are you ready to go to the next level? Are you ready to grow as an individual and live your best life? Despite where you may come from, we all need to be inspired. Join us, invite friends and we will see you there!

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3550 Ashley River Rd

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