What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in writing for any type of filmed media:
movies, TV, VR, games, features, shorts, you name it!

Hello! I'm a working screenwriter who writes for both the US and Europe markets.
I'm offering some classes here and hosting them on Zoom over the next year or so.

First one's free. ;)

A quick bio on me:

I'm Christopher Morrison, a content creator for film/VR/TV/videogames.
(I'm an American that lives and works out of Belgium and France).

I'm a produced and distributed screenwriter in a variety of media with more than 20+ years of teaching in the arts and more than 10 designing arts curricula. I've released and distributed feature films and short films, videogames, etc as well as been the director of a studio.

Christopher is a writer-director who has worked on over 150 films, plays, VR, videogames, and immersive entertainments on 3 continents. His feature film ‘The Bellwether’ was released in 2019. He has created 360 films as well as being commissioned for features, TV pilots, and plays. He is a Narrative Designer videogames; his latest release dropped in 2020. His VR branching narrative ‘The Werewolf Experience’ is currently in production and his volumetric capture series 'Drunk Zombie Duelists' is being produced in partnership with Media Monks, one of the world's largest digital production companies.
Cirque du Soleil called him “A huge asset to the creative process.”

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