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Because we know how hard it is to reinvent yourself when you are facing challenges alone, we assist and help individuals and companies in their Agile transformation. So we thought it would be a great idea to put together a place where people learn about new agile tools, methods, and culture.

We will discuss business agility, employees autonomy and Management 3.0. But also all topics related and not limited to, Devops, scrum, coaching and everything that fold into reinventing the organization.

This meetup is intended for managers, HR, agile coaches, scrum master, Agile passionate, or all curious minds who are interested in the transformation of companies. We organize events for our members to learn, share, improve and explore new Agile ways of working. So join us and let's get better at doing this, together.


Parce que nous savons à quel point il est difficile de se réinventer seuls face aux défis d’aujourd’hui, nous assistons et aidons les particuliers et les entreprises dans leur transformation Agile. Nous avons donc pensé que ce serait une bonne idée de créer un espace pour se retrouver pour apprendre de nouveaux outils, méthodes et cultures Agile.

Nous discuterons de Business Agility, de l'autonomie des employés et du Management 3.0. Mais aussi tous les sujets liés et non limités aux Devops, au Scrum, au coaching et à tout ce qui se rapporte à l’Agile.

Ce groupe Meetup s'adresse aux managers, RH, coachs agiles, scrum master, passionnés Agile ou à tous les esprits curieux qui s'intéressent à la transformation des entreprises. Nous organisons des événements pour que nos membres apprennent, partagent, améliorent et explorent de nouvelles méthodes de travail Agile ensemble. Alors rejoignez-nous et améliorons-nous ensemble!

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Feedback: a tool as powerful as dangerous

Silversquare Triomphe - Coworking space in Brussels

Hello dear agilists, here we go with a new meetup about "Feedback: a tool as powerful as dangerous." How many times did you want to give feedback but you didn’t? What is blocking you give a reward or an opportunity to improve? How can we develop a culture of feedback? What are the tools, good practices, and also the hidden traps? Let’s see how to use feedback as a natural way to grow together. Some people can be afraid to give or receive feedback. They are right to be afraid. I was afraid about it too. Because when is it not well used Feedback can be a dangerous concept that can bring you down… So we will see together how we can turn it in a powerful way. A way that can help us to grow. To reach it we will clarify the foundation and the added value of feedback. When it is clear we will explore how we can transform our habits to take maximum advantages of feedback. But also how we can step by step practice this culture through different feedback exercises. As feedback is a team exercise, we will go further through the different resistances that we can meet. And I will share some answers that can help people to go through their blockage. To finish the session we will exchange all together different tips & tricks about feedback. Agenda: 18h - Doors open + welcome 18h30 - Start of the session (sharp :) ) 19h30 - End of the session / Start of networking (over some beers and pizzas) Can't wait to see all of you there The Wemanity Team

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Analysts & Agile: Is it a match?

Silversquare Louise

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