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What we’re about

Hey everyone! Welcome Bucket List Buddies

This is a group for anyone who wants to try new things and push the boundaries of their comfort zone. That probably means you!

We all have our own list of incredible things we'd like to experience in our life-times. But with such busy lives, it can be hard to find time to get things done. That's what we're here for! A well-known saying in the dance industry is, “The hardest step you will ever take in learning how to dance is the first one through the door.” How true that is!
That is why each and every Thursday night at 7PM, we host a guest party for you and your friends. Many people would love to come in and check us out, but they are either too nervous or just need a nudge or invitation from you to give them courage.
Our guest parties ROCK. They are the best of our first impressions. How much more fun would you have if some of your friends could share in the excitement you get to experience each and every week?
Well, here is your opportunity!
We offer a “Get Acquainted” guest special for your friends that consist of the following:
*One fun introductory group class-This starts them off, right at the beginning, with a few simple moves in a couple of dances.
* A Newcomers’ Dance Party- Your guests get a chance to review what they have just learned with some of our awesome professionals, followed with a great dance demonstration.
*A Private Lesson- Scheduled at their convenience with one of our instructors.

The complete guest special is available to your friends for only $20. So join us Thursday night to find your new hobby, art, skill,or sport. Our Address is 710 memorial blvd suite 122 or call 615-849-1155