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What we’re about

Good News!  We are back to admitting new members! Priority is being given to requests from Bucks County and surrounding Counties if appropriate*(see below). A PROFILE PHOTO is required for new members. This way we can recognize each other when we get together. Priority is also given to requests that actually answer the questions on the request form.

If you are a Lesbian, Bisexual, or Questioning woman who has ever wandered around New Hope, Lambertville or Doylestown thinking "I see Lesbians" and wonder how to make friends with them...... then this is the place for you!  BCLSC is INCLUSIVE of all LGBT women.

While BCLSC uses Meetup software we are not just "on the internet".  BCLSC is made up of real local lgbt women who get together and do real things both in person and on Zoom.  Members are the lifeblood of the club. Any member can "Host" an event whether in their home or in a public space.  We find the simpler the event the better...walks, meet for coffee, movies, book club, etc.  Typically we have 12-20 events on the calendar at any point in time!
BCLSC attracts women from Bucks, Montgomery, Mercer, Hunterdon, Lehigh counties and beyond! If you want to connect with this club, just join!
We are NOT a dating site! Couples are to be respected at all times! If romance blossoms from within the "hive", that's wonderful. Enough said.
So.....hikers, bikers, shoppers, readers, dog lovers, dancers, diners, political folk, professional or retired Lesbians...... everybody join in the merriment!
We're only as WARM as you are! This group is known for being warm and welcoming to new members.  Event Hosts and members readily introduce themselves at meetups and soon you will be doing the same!
PLEASE NOTE - What you write to join the group will become your Profile.  Profiles are only visible to BCLSC members.  Sharing a little bit about yourself in your profile will help other members get to know you, since they have completed the same process. Again...a profile photo is now required. Please don't include pictures of other people in your photo.


* "IF APPROPRIATE" --This language is not meant to offend anyone but sometimes people try to join as a joke or are trolls.  Sometimes people try to join and do not fill out answers.  Therefore those requests are either declined or are left in pending until they can be reviewed carefully.