Budapest Python / Django / CRAFT Conference Joint Meetup

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Dear Pythonists & Djangonauts,

We'll be hosting a very special Budapest Python ( / Django ( / CRAFT Conference ( meetup! NOTE: If you are a member of both groups, please RSVP to only one meetup's event.

Expect very exciting talks, beer, wine and lot's of fun and networking!


19.00 Welcome & Pulilab intro

19.10 Gabor Szabo: Fight or Flight? - Dealing with real world applications in Python

19.40 Erika Carlson: self.improve() - Growing a Technical Career
[masked] break

20.30 Django Girls announcement

20.40 Sylvain Corlay & Johan Mabille: xtensor - the lazy tensor algebra library

21.10 drinks & fun downstairs


Erika Carlson was studying psychology in 2011 when she wrote her first line of Python code. She fell in love with programming, decided to change paths, and became a software developer. Since then she has built Java enterprise software, created websites for non-profits, and worked on iOS applications with millions of users. She is currently the Director of Apprenticeship at Detroit Labs. Erika founded the Detroit chapter of Girl Develop It, and teaches programming and web development to students of all ages. She is passionate about the potential of technology to make a difference in people's lives and create positive change in the world.

Erika's talk:

self.improve(): Growing a Technical Career. How do we find success and fulfillment as software developers? We learn to code, we learn to use code as a tool to solve difficult problems, we get better at both coding and problem-solving, and then... what's next? Beyond technical growth, how do you find fulfillment in your work? If you've ever struggled to picture what your career could look like in 5 years, this talk is for you. Discover how learning continuously, teaching others, caring for yourself, and asking the right questions can get you where you want to go (even if you aren't sure where that is yet). This talk will explore what comes after code: digging into new challenges, expanding perspective, and turning fears into pathways for growth.

Gabor Szabo was born in Hungary and lives in Israel. He provides in-house training and consulting services in Perl, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Version Control using Subversion and Git, Test Automation. He has been running the Perl Weekly newsletter since August 2011, and both the Perl Maven and the Perl 6 Maven sites since June 2012. He launched the Code Maven site in 2015 and PyDigger ( in 2016.

Gabor's talk:

Fight or Flight? - dealing with real world applications in Python. You have just landed a new job as a hero Python developer. Your first task is simple. Make a little tweak to an existing application. To your horror you discover the code is a mess written in the past 10 years by many different people who have just started their career as Python programmers. They all have already move on. They left behind the code, but it has no tests and no documentation. Oh and by the way, the company depends on the application. What do you do now? Fight or flight? In this talk you will hear about a couple of ways to fight with such a beast.

Sylvain Corlay is an applied mathematician specializing in stochastic analysis and optimal control. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from University Paris VI. As an open source developer, Sylvain contributes to Project Jupyter in the area of interactive widgets for the notebook, and is steering committee member of the Project. Besides Jupyter, Sylvain contributes to a number of scientific computing open-source projects such as bqplot, xtensor and ipyleaflet. Sylvain founded QuantStack in September 2016. Prior to founding QuantStack, Sylvain was a quant researcher at Bloomberg and an adjunct faculty member at the Courant Institute and Columbia University.

Johan Mabille is a scientific software developer specializing in high-performance computing in C++. He holds master's degree in computer science from Centrale-Supelec.As an open source developer, Johan coauthored xtensor ( and xeus ( , and is the main author of xsimd ( Prior to joining QuantStack, Johan was a quant developer at HSBC.

Sylvain's & Johan's talk:

xtensor: the lazy tensor algebra library. xtensor is a C++ template tensor algebra library supporting numpy-style broadcasting and universal functions, aiming at feature parity with numpy with a native feel. In this talk we will present the highlights of the expression system. Then we will show how xtensor can be used to create numpy-aware Python extension modules with the xtensor-python project and the xtensor-cookiecutter template.


Please RSVP only if you can actually attend in person! If your plans change, please have the courtesy to remove yourself from the list so that everybody who can attend can get in! If you are a member of both Budapest Django and Budapest.Py, please RSVP to only one of the meetups' events - do not RSVP to both!

Code of Conduct

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We thank our sponsors at Mosaik ( for hosting us at their awesome venue and Pulilab ( for the drinks & snacks!