budapest.rb 2017/04 - Craft Edition

This is a past event

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Hey everyone,

We are back with Craft Edition this time. Lots of meetups are organized around the upcoming Craft conference but the Ruby meetup is obviously special.

The meetup will be held on the 26th of April. We are starting unusually early at 6pm sharp. The venue will open at 5:30pm.

DiNa was kind enough to host this month's event. See you at A66.

After the meetup we will grab a drink and have a friendly chat.


Samuel Giddins - Making Bundler Faster

Over the past few years, the Bundler team has spent an enormous amount of time making Bundler faster. From performance improvement in dependency resolution to a new way to fetch gem information to better error messages that let our users get back to work more quickly, we've been busy. We'll explore some recent changes, along with the philosophy guiding how we approach this work.

Bonaventura Fleischman - Refactoring with the help of rubycritic

This is going to be a short talk about: What is rubycritic and how it can help you. How to use its suggestions to make a better code? What does it mean, that the code is open for new requirements and why it is important? How to use our test suit as groundwork that we can use during the refactoring process.

More talks are coming soon.

As always if you are interested in presenting let us know.


A short hike is being organized on the weekend after the Craft conference. More details here (