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What we’re about

Building Friendships Together-Women’s Group (Las Vegas/Henderson NV)

Started Monday February 1, 2010

This is a group for positive, fun women 40 years old and older looking to build lasting friendships with other women.

This is for all women, Working, Underemployed, Unemployed, Homemakers, Wives, Singles, Divorced, Widowed, those with and without children, etc. -interested in forming close friendship bonds.

This will be without the limits of our different Religious beliefs, Political opinions, Specific interests, hobbies/economic situations or other status symbols.

This is to be a group which will grow and expand and is for helping women make real long lasting friendships, letting others get to know you, sharing thoughts, fears, joys, skills, talents, knowledge etc. We also need to know each other’s limits/boundaries and time constraints.

We are open to any scheduled activities that members express an interest in. Day, Evening and weekend stuff- Helping each other with things like, updating resumes, gardening, cooking/baking, sharing talents/ interests, walking our dogs in the local parks, having a picnic, having a girls nite out, bringing in show and tell items that we will share about us, our lives, experiences, and any thing you would like to do that would be more enjoyable with a friend or friends company.

We can have someone to go shopping with, to cry over a cup of tea, or laugh over a cup of coffee, or to call in the middle of the night when we have a bad dream, or to share in the tedious task of going through a closet or cleaning out a garage, or giving us a reality check when we start to wallow in the mire of living daily lives.

This is about women getting to really know one another. Helping each other be better women and taking care of each other emotionally, spiritually, physically. Getting each other through job loss, deaths, failed relationships, and celebrating the awesomeness of life, having children/grandchildren, new relationships, getting married, and all that goes along with opening your eyes in the morning and facing another day.

Many of us are facing it alone and the current organizations and groups we are active in are not meeting this need.

If you feel the same way, I hope you will join us and see where it takes us all.

The organizer - Rockie

Our group has decided that some basic standards need to be set to make it all Work.

So Far:

1. There will not be Smoking "in" any Event-smokers must leave the area of the group meetup or go outside (Even if they are the HOSTESS).

2. If any violence occurs at an event, there will be a -0- tolerance policy, anyone involved will be asked to leave and will be removed (Banned) from our group.

3. We will allow product promotion and sales i.e. Pampered Chef, Mary Kay- Ideas to be posted and an Event set up, after you have been actively involved once a month for six months, if someone chooses to Host one, sales/business promotion at others events will be discouraged. We are not a business networking group, we are a friendship group.

4. There will be no toleration for putting other BFT Girlfriends at risk. The member who does will be removed. We are friends and friends Protect, not put-at-risk their Friends.

5. For the new members, you need to attend an in person event in a public place first before you can attend an event at a members house.