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Many a times when we hear that a person has made a million in stocks we wonder if it is a game of luck! Some times when we hear that some person lost huge money we think that stock market is a gambling paradise.

If we go by fundamentals you would know that Stock market is a money- spinning machine, which always gives you money if you understand and play by the rules.

Warren Buffet the most successful person in stock market has made more than US $73 Billions in stocks with an initial investment of just $5000. In India, Rakesh Junjunwalla who started to invest in stock market with just Rs 5000 has made more than 12,000 crores in stocks. With the use of fundamental analysis any one can make harvest big money with a small investment.
If you desire to make whooping money in stocks then this meetup will teach you the skills and knowledge required to make a killing in stock market.

Who are we?

BuildMyMillion(An arm of Wealthbull Advisory Services) is a social education entity revolves around the theme of creating well educated investors around the Globe. We started a club way back in 90’s to create an educated pool of retail investors in the city. That’s we call ourselves as Mother of all Investors Club(MOAIC). Many of our members have started their own clubs in different name across the country. We appreciate them in educating large pool of investors who otherwise get duped by SMS alerts/ false research reports/ Broker’s calls, etc…

What we do?

We host monthly club meeting on last Sunday of every month and workshops, seminars and like events all-round the year. Who Should Attend? The monthly events are open to anyone interested in creating wealth, planning for retirement or thriving to attain Financial Freedom.

First time entry will be free and thereafter you have to pay annual membership fee.

Join us for a great event!

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