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What we’re about

We are a community of business owners and professionals who gather to support and gain support and education pertaining to maintaining & elevating our financial viability while reducing the time, stress, brain power and money involved in doing so.
As busy owners of our lives and businesses, we need sustainable and strategic answers more than mere tips and tactical ideas.
In the events we provide, you will gain the following:
-Education to help you design, direct and make more efficient your business financial management.
-Connections and introductions to help you grow and build your business.
-Other mentors and opportunities in the domain of business - to inject excitement and growth.
Please join our group ASAP!
Jeanne Vaseleck, MBA
CEO, Advisory CFO Services
As an Advisory CFO service, I help you prevent unnecessary events and breakdowns and generate momentum to align where you are now with your future planned business growth i.e. where you want to be. You will not need to fire your book-keeper or CPA to work with me - what I bring is financial management and strategy which will enhance your growth.