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What we’re about

It’s the ultimate digital challenge!
For years we‘ve been working on digitalization both in marketing and products - and through the COVID-19 pandemic it’s needed more than ever!
• Is your company fit for the digital challenge?
• Is your marketing prepared to be digital?
• Do you have to take action now?
Digital Ideas is organizing digital marketing events in Berlin, London and Vienna - and now in Munich as well! As long as the Corona-siutation is still on we'll do virtual, but am looking forward to bring it back to real life as soon as possible!
Are you looking for a place to share and learn digital marketing strategies? A place to get new ideas to grow your business?
We at Digital Ideas believe that sharing knowledge is the key to success. Therefore we create a place, where you can discuss ideas with like-minded people. Of course this is easier, when experts are present - that's what we are here for.
Please only participate if you are willing to share experiences from your business and receive ideas back. If you want to discuss strategies in a one-to-one setting feel free to contact Matteo for a free consulting.
Your host:
Matteo Savio (Digital Ideas): Passionate growth hacker with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of data-driven marketing processes.
This event is for you, if you:
• have a business, that's (solely or partly) digital and want to grow it
• want to transfer your business into the digital world (digitalization)
• are an expert in a related field and want to gain experience or share knowledge
This event is not for you, if you:
• have not a working business yet!
• if you just want to sell yourself. This is a place for sharing, not sales pitches!
See you soon :)