What we're about

We discuss many of the groundbreaking concepts from "The Four Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss, including lifestyle design, new rich, setting up a muse, outsourcing, automated income, remote work, vagabonding, working smarter, unshackling from the corporate 9-5, mini-retirements, and filling the void through service.

During each session, we establish an optional homework assignment that includes a specfic action to further our dreamline, a comfort challenge to undertake, and a concept from the book to reflect on and apply now.

Requirements for the group:

  1. To have read, or be currently reading, "The Four Hour Work Week".
  2. Applying some of the principles now.
  3. Completed the dreamlining worksheet (page 57 of the book).
  4. Identified at least one muse you're involved with.

As a note: This group was reorganized last year (so feel free to ignore some of the earlier posts and comments).


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