What we're about

South London remains under-represented in terms of meetups - let’s redress the balance.

Hate normal “networking”? Don’t worry - me too, hence setting up this meetup.

This meetup it’s my mission to create the sort of business event that I would actually like to go to. Shocking huh?

If you are also sick of the status quo in business networking then come meet us!

How’s this sound?
* No selling. We’re here to help one another as peers not customers.This is the only hard “rule”.
* Providing value to other members without the expectation of something in return.
* A focus on founders and co-founders rather than sales staff of larger companies (no offence sales guys, we love you but not necessarily at these events!)
* Supporting side hustles, side projects and any project working towards financial and lifestyle freedom
* For profit and non-profit businesses. Both sectors have a lot to learn from the other!
* No awkward standing around the drinks table. Our organisers will whisk you away from refreshment table limbo and throw you into a group. Rip that bandaid!
* Mainly small to medium businesses so that most members are founders or in some way personally invested in their business.
* Short, actionable talks. No more 1 hour bloated sales pitches.
* Focus on agile, young, primarily online companies.
* Microincubator - we have investors interested in small £10k startup funding.
* Online community - the discussion and connecting continues online through chat tools.

==Meetup Structure==

The format of the meets will be as follows:

1. Muster up. Getting settle, greetings, waiting for people to turn up.

2. “What’s Working Now” - 7 minute talks on what is working in your business right now that you think could be helpful for others.

Actionable advice only. See basic outline below if you are interested in speaking.

3. Round Robin. We go around the room and everyone has 20 seconds to:
-quickly introduce themselves
-state what their ONE current business block is (this includes not having a business yet!)
-what they are looking for right now and -what they are able to help with.

4. “Hello my name is...” or General Networking
Meet members, solve problems, build value.
Our organisers will help connect you to others who can help you and those they think you can assist.
Send us your requirements before the meetup so we can best help.

==No Business Yet?==
No worries - come along and meet business owners and refine your ideas.
You never know, you might meet your future business partner!

I’ve prepared a curriculum for deciding upon, verifying and kicking off an online business. This is totally free to all members - not an upsell but instead a way to make sure we have as many enthusiastic business owners as possible in the room.

==BATON System==

The curriculum follows the BATON system.

B - Business.
Ideas, niche, systems, market sizing. “Getting ‘er started”

A - Audience.
Channels, traffic, brand, messaging, PR, advertising. “Getting it out there.”

T - Tribe.
Building your tribe, warming audience, community management, value delivery. “Getting to know you”

O - Offer
Making the sale. Conversion, sales funnels, offer escalations, fulfilment.
“Getting paid”

N - Network
Scaling. Horizontal scaling, vertical scaling, forming partnerships, building your empire.
“Getting big”

We also use this basic system to categorise your particular skills, what you can bring to the group and also your current difficulties.

Different skill sets fall into different areas.
Consultant? You can help others with Business.
Filmmaker? Building Audience is your bag.
Social media maven? Tribe leadership comes naturally to you
Coder? Product and value delivery in Offer.
Finance background? Network and growth is where your skills lie.

No matter your current skill set you have something to offer the group. In return we’ll help shore up the areas you are weaker in by introuding you to the right people with complementary skills.

==Who am I?==

Why how nice of you to ask. I’m Kyle.
I was born in Brixton, spent most of my 20s in America and Asia working in film/TV and on several businesses.
My first “big” business was a TV station in Vietnam. Upon selling the TV station I realised that I was happier setting up multiple smaller businesses.
My core business now is B Street Digital, a digital marketing and business consultancy based in the UK and US.
Now I write and teach, primarily helping others to escape the rat race, get a side hustle up and running and support the lifestyle they deserve. This meetup is an extension of this drive.

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