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This webinar provides the key ingredients to creating wealth through property. Your host will be Nick Hagen, who successfully acquired 29 investment properties over 9 years while working in the corporate sector.

Hear from members of our expert panel:
Nick Hagen – International neuro-semantic and wealth mindset coach
Michael Wilkins – Prominent SEQ property consultant and acquisitions specialist.
Emilia Zambri - Property Strategists focusing on assisting investors to take the next steps in investing in Australia whilst building wealth.

In 60 minutes, The panel will cover a range of topics with the panel, including:

  1. Why most property investors fail to build a portfolio beyond 1 or 2 properties.
  2. Peeping behind the curtain of property research and economics to understand how areas and assets are selected.
  3. Using lenders and the government to your advantage as a property investor (tax, leverage, etc.)
  4. Building a team of experts to enable you to reach your goals (mortgage broker, property coach, technology, etc.)

The event is completely free of charge. After attending, you have the opportunity to access:

  1. A complimentary 30-minute personal coaching session with Nick, Emilia, valued at $650.
  2. Access to leading experts in the property investment industry.
  3. Wholesale and off-market property you can’t find elsewhere.
  4. Strategies to enable you to build a property portfolio.

It’s the times that are most challenging that require expansive thinking in how to diversify your wealth and build your financial foundations.

Did you know that 60% of property sales are sold at market value, 20% are sold above market value and 20% are sold under market value?
Wouldn’t you like to know how to buy discounted properties and retire early?

This meetup is a must for the beginner to the savvy investor to find out the secrets of property millionaires. Buying property under market value has been one strategy of successful property investors for a long time. But where to find them?

Equity Rise | Enquiry Form

Nicolas Hagen | Book Meeting here. | Neuro-Semantic & Property Wealth Coach
Emilia Zambri | Book Meeting here. | NLP Practitioner in Training & Property Investor

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