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Cloud Native Open Source Data Warehouse, ByConity

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Cloud Native Open Source Data Warehouse, ByConity


ByConity, an advanced database management system, is a derivative of ClickHouse DBMS, building upon the robust codebase from ClickHouse v21.8. However, Byconity's development path has since diverged, thanks in part to insights gained from Snowflake's architecture.

Our key innovations include the introduction of a compute-storage separation architecture, a state-of-the-art query optimizer, multiple stateless workers, and a shared-storage framework. These enhancements, inspired by both ClickHouse's strength and Snowflake's innovative approach, offer substantial performance and scalability improvements.

If this sounds interesting to you and something that would make your next Data Ware House project easier, this webinar is a perfect place to learn about this work and join the community.


Sujata Tibrewala, Open Source Community and Ecosystems manager, ByteDance
Yunbo Wang , Chief Open Source Evangelist , ByteDance
Kevin Fang, Tech Lead Manager, ByteDance

Agenda & Topics (all times listed below in PM PDT):
4:00-4:10 - ByteDance OSPO and Innnovator program Introduction- Sujata Tibrewala
4:10-4:30- ByConity Anniversary Review: Version 1.0 Released, Capabilities Fully Upgraded - Kevin Fang
4:30pm- 5:00 : ByConity's Architecture and Design Philosophy: From ClickHouse to Cloud Native- Yunbo Wang
5:00-5:30 - ByConity community organizational structure is fully upgraded - Kevin Fang
5:30-5:45 - Open questions and discussions
5:45-6:00: Feedback Survey/Raffle Give Away, Conclusions- Sujata Tibrewala

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