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Structured Software Design in C++

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Giorgio Z.
Structured Software Design in C++


During this event we will discuss about Scalable Software Design in C++ bringing on the table the ideas from different sources and evaluating pros and cons. This is how it will work, the idea is to follow the Kata schema.
1. In 25/30 minutes i will explain principles of design providing some samples where it is in necesssary.
2. Later we divide ourselves in group of 4/5.
3.I expose a common problem to solve (i.e build a distributed cache, or build a timeseries db). Each group will perform a design and present to the others.
4. In the last 5 minutes, we proceed to vote the best solution following the principles defined in the first presentation.

You need basically a laptop, vscode, PlantUML vscode extension or access to present to the other. There is no space for real coding. It will be the next session.

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C++ Programmer Meetup.
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