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What we’re about

Join our open source community in developing an exciting new web technology. Help design and develop a more effective way for large communities to collaborate online. The Collaboration Tree (cTree) technology facilitates focused incremental discussions about specific topics or toward specific goals.

What makes cTrees different for organizations is the ability to surface important insights and opinions from their community with minimal oversight.  For communities, what makes it unique is the ability to quickly contribute to big discussions without needing to know much context. Initially we're focused on supporting nonprofit communities, but the technology also shows promise for companies and individuals interested in holding broad discussions with a specific goal or topic.

Developers, both with and without web experience, will have an opportunity to work with Polymer (Google's Web Components framework) on a large project. Designers will have an opportunity to tackle unique and challenging issues. Nonprofits will have an opportunity to start testing and providing feedback on the technology as soon as it's ready.