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The world of Artificial Intelligence today is still centered around the aspiration for machines to understand: from virtual assistants capable of anticipating our needs and helping us drafting emails or handling our complex schedule, to self-driving cars, and personalized medicine. These are just some examples of how machines need to acquire, demonstrate, and apply understanding.

Today’s investments in public research and in the private sector
are directed at cracking the nut of machines that understand. But the breadth of techniques goes well beyond what it did even ten years ago. In light of today's relevance of Artificial Intelligence, we are happy to announce the City Artificial Intelligence Meetup #CAIM (“Kay-im”).
CAIM will host a roster of great speakers ranging from research
scientists to venture capitalists, from educational and government institutions to
private companies, from cognitive and computer scientists to economists and investors, with the objective of creating a community of experts and enthusiasts around the topics of AI, with a 360 degree view on the topic. We also expect to “raise the bar” a bit compared to the previous meetups, with fewer introductory and tutorial-level presentations and more talks and discussions within a community that is actively working within this space. New York is unique in the global scheme of things, with an amazing variety of industry and public-sector activity in AI, and we envision a strong community that can set the standard for the rest of the world.

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eBay office, 3rd Floor

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Google High Line

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