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What we’re about

New to Calgary? Need to get out of the house and socialize?? Want to expand your interests or social circle???

We are a group in Calgary that plans events to get women (of all ages) out having fun, trying something new and meeting friends in the process. The ladies are friendly, and the events are varied so there is something for EVERYONE!

Come out and Meetup with us!

You are welcome to contact us for sponsorship, collaboration, and/or event inquiries but we're a social group and not a forum for strictly marketing/promoting your business!

Code of Conduct

  1. Sign-up: If you are someone who cannot manage your schedule further than 7 days out, please don't sign-up for events prior to the week of. Just don't!
  2. Waitlists: Members should add themselves to event Waitlists if they are available to attend. However, you MUST remove yourself if you no longer can attend. Also, if you are on a Waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your email notifications (or check the event page directly if you have notifications turned off) to see if you have been added to the event.
  3. Attendance: If you are on an Attending list, unless it's an emergency or high-priority reason, do not cancel WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE EVENT Last-week cancellations do not allow the next person on the Waitlist lineup to respond in time and manage their scheduling with such short notice, causing an event spot to most likely be wasted. Those who Cancel last week and/or No-Show (i.e. sign up for an event, leave themselves on the attendance list, and end up not showing to the event) will be recorded. Two strikes will result in membership cancellation.
  4. Pre-paid Events: This meetup group is not-for-profit. From time to time, events may require prepayment for purposes of reimbursement to organizers for having prepaid tickets or costs out of pocket. If prepayment is requested, event details will clearly outline such conditions for those events. If an event has any markup value, that will solely be for purposes of subsidizing annual costs for operating on and/or applicable PayPal fees.