What we're about

How do you get your products and services to market?

This Meetup is a monthly marketing workshop that teaches all levels of entrepreneurs how to leverage digital marketing to get more visibility for their product or service in a non-salesy way. And most importantly to generate leads.


The purpose of this meeting and these workshops is to get people networking by talking about marketing and to help Calgary's economy by teaching marketing best practices to anyone who is interested in learning.

We've helped companies from start-ups, to retailers with 26 stores across Canada, to manufacturers generate leads through their website, using our proven process.

What's happening today is that technology, the economy and the internet changes so quickly, that what worked 6 months ago, might not work today. We'll show you what's working today by sharing all of our marketing best practices and secrets. No Holding Back!

Ask any questions, and with 2 decades of experience in digital marketing we'll answer them openly and honestly.

We have a goal of teaching 1000 entrepreneurs by December 31, 2018.


You'll enjoy this workshop if
* You have a business idea, but you have no-idea how you're going to market it.
* You're a brand new start-up, and you want to start preparing for your commercial launch.
* You have a successful business that has done well with word-of-mouth advertising and referrals, but now you need to ramp up your "leads," and you're not sure what to do next.
* You're thinking of hiring a digital agency or consultant, but you're not sure what's possible with digital marketing, and you want to get an overview of today's best practices.

We all want to get to know each other! All members please include the following:

1. A recognizable photo of yourself.

2. First AND last name on your Meetup profile.

3. First AND last name on your Group Member profile.

Please complete the 3 steps above so that we can all get to know you.

1. Space is very limited. If you RSVP for the event, please make sure you show up on time and ready to learn!

2. If you can't come, please remove your RSVP so that others might have the chance to attend.

3. Feel free to bring colleagues and other entrepreneurs.


1. Please use Meetup's messaging function to communicate to fellow members.

2. Ask questions or provide answer about digital marketing or marketing in general.

3. Remember that selling or promoting your product or service in an unsolicited fashion is not good business practice.

4. Please do not recruit our members or promote your events at our functions without permission.

5. Be helpful, don't be salesy.


There is no cost to attend these meetings. The meeting space has been generously donated by Nucleus.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events.

Dafne Canales Lees, Organizer

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