• Pitch-it Up Bootcamp for Founders -Amp up Your Presentation Skills

    The Multiverse

    This interactive bootcamp is designed to amp up your pitching and presentation skills in a fun-filled, electrifying 3 hour session.

    Whether your goal is to be a more effective presenter, to potential Investors or to polish your pitch, or to become a more confident presenter, this event is for you.
    The Agenda:
    - Two, professional facilitators will kick off the session with Ice-Breaker activities to amp up your improvisational skills.
    - You will learn Presentation Do’s & Dont's designed to level up your speaking skills; from building influence, body language, voice projection, as well as using effective eye contact.
    - They will show you cutting-edge presentation tools to help make your materials pop. Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint!
    - Amp up your speaking, pitching and power of persuasion skills
    - You may be called upon to pitch yourself or your venture
    - Build confidence and influence, in any room
    - Gain experience with impromptu, off-the-cuff speaking
    - Receive a complimentary Workbook
    About your facilitators: Velia Amarasingham and Heather Rogers of Curated Entertainment have appeared before thousands of people. They will reveal their tips and tricks for inspiring and igniting an audience from 1 to 1,000.
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    *Attention, there are sure to be numerous Investors in the Audience.
    **Advance Registration is free to this limited capacity bootcamp.
    ***Registrants will only be admitted by presenting your unique Eventbrite QR-Code.
    ****On-Site Registrants will have to pay $250 to attend.