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What we’re about

We are taking a break from our weekly classes for a while.

These weekly mindfulness classes in Cambridge are suitable for beginners and experienced mindfulness practitioners. Together we can cultivate peace, calm and ease in our lives.

What is mindfulness?

Being mindful is a simple yet radical way of bringing our attention to the present moment to be fully aware of what is going on within and around us.

That sounds really simple right? But in a world increasing filled with demands and distractions, it is actually quite difficult to do this consistently. That is why it is useful to have the support of mindful communities to train our attention, so that it can more comfortably rest into what is unfolding right now.

Using formal practices such as sitting meditation and mindful walking, we can train our mind to increase our capacity to be present. These formal practices allow us to bring a mindful presence into all aspects of our lives, we can do anything from eating, to gardening to conversing with a mindful awareness.

What are the benefits?

When we cultivate mindful attention, our mind, over time, becomes more stable and calm. We are less carried away by impulses, reactive thoughts and difficult emotions. A stable and calm mind allows us to see more clearly into our difficulties and their causes, and our happiness and its causes. We learn to respond more skillfully to the stresses and strains of live. We learn to focus on and enhance positive states of mind such as gratitude and compassion. Ultimately, we feel more free. Scientific studies have shown mindfulness can:

• Increase immune function

• Decrease pain

• Increase positive emotion

• Decrease stress

• Increase social connection and emotional intelligence

• Increase areas of brain relating to self-control

• Improve attention

• Improve memory

• Improve creative thinking

Why join this group?

We offer weekly groups for you to learn, sustain and deepen mindfulness practice over time. By practising together with others it is much easier to keep a mindfulness practice alive in our lives. The groups are suitable for beginners but are also a great way for people who have already completed an 8 week mindfulness course to continue their practice.