Paradise Regained
Public group

Needs a location


The battle resumes! We are going to the bastions of hell, the place where it all began - Paradise Valley. Redflex, a serpentine slier than every beast of the field, has taken over Paradise and we are going to drive it out.

This is the same city that was caught shortneing yellow light times to increase profits last year. Apparently safety is NOT their number one concern, but greed is. We will need everyone's help with this one.

We will go city to city and create new ballot initiatives. We will start with Pardise Valley and keep going from there.

The menu at Wally's is extensive and looks really good.

Wally's American Pub and Grille
5029 North 44th Street
Phoenix AZ 85018

http://www.wallyspub.... (

Monthly meeting will still be at Luigi's on the 17th.