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What we’re about

Always had a desire to go camping but unsure where to start? The desire to put everyday essentials into a backpack and head to the mountains for 2-3 days, but you've never done it because of lack of confidence or uncertainty of what kit to take? Or maybe you know how to use a tent but would like to pitch it in the middle of nowhere with a breath taking view but you are not confident enough to go alone and rely on what nature offers? Well, 'Camping Adventures' is here to help you achieve all of these goals...

Massimo, your guide, is ready to share his expertise and enthusiasm for the outdoors with you. "I had a wonderful childhood with summers spent on beautiful beaches of Sicily but as a family we did not travel much. It was only after moving to the UK 7 years ago that I started travelling independently, visiting all of its national parks. I enjoyed the hostel experience but more I explored the wilderness, more I didn't want to leave it, even for the night. I wanted to embrace the freedom and peace that the outdoors offered. And so, I bought my first solo tent and a flight ticket to Norway... The rest is history; I fell in love with this lifestyle. Since then, I have had camping adventures in numerous locations around the world, from Patagonia in Chile to volcanic fields in Iceland, from climbing volcanoes in Indonesia to staying up to capture the Northern Lights in Lapland in freezing temperatures and, most recently, exploring the beautiful fiords of Lofoten Islands. Camping has given me so much and I would love to inspire others with a similar desire and help make it accessible to them". 

For camping to go smoothly, careful preparation and planning are required. We would like to support you through every step to give you the confidence to adventure independently.

At the heart of Camping Adventures is enjoyment and having fun.

There will be scheduled trips twice a month- check our calendar for dates.

Bookings for individual trips are also possible, contact us for more info.