Knots, Bends & Hitches Workshop (Mandatory for attendees of UBERFest: Las Vegas)

Canyoneering California
Canyoneering California
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Knots, Bends & Hitches Workshop

Anyone may attend this workshop, but it is required for anyone who wishes to attend any portion of UBERFest: Las Vegas 2017. It's my way of forcing a refresher of the easy (and the not-so-easy) knots, bends and hitches covered in the ACE-L1, ACE-L2, ACE-L3 and ACE-L4 courses!

We'll not only learn how to make many knots, bends & hitches, but we'll learn what each of them are best used for!

This workshop will be held at the Boulder Beach Picnic Area (space permitting) right next to the Boulder Beach Campsite we will occupy for UBERFest.

Please bring a 4' length of 6mm accessory cord, at least a 6' length of 7mm accessory cord or any diameter of rope, at least a 6' piece of webbing, and a VT Prusik to practice with.