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(We are now hosting courses in Los Angeles-CA, Las Vegas-NV, St George-UT, Salt Lake City-UT, Moab-UT, Prescott-AZ, and Boulder-CO!)

From Las Vegas to all points North, South, East & West .. this region of America is bursting with canyoneering opportunities! With its proximity to the canyons of Utah, Arizona and California, (not to mention the great local selection of canyoneering opportunities from Primm to Mt Charleston and from Red Rock to Black Canyon) Las Vegas is a hot spot for the sport of Canyoneering. The purpose of this Meetup Group is to connect people in Las Vegas with each other, and with the communities of California and the greater Southwest. We will offer regular qualified instruction for the sport of canyoneering as well as other outdoor/wilderness skills courses. In addition to our courses, which are the core of this organization, we will host canyoneering events and festivals in canyoneering regions across America and will do our best to nurture leaders to help provide opportunities for local canyon descents, practices, workshops, and community meetings. Anybody with the desire to learn canyoneering and anybody who already canyoneers ... this is your group. "Pay for the training and your fun is free!" (If you want to see what you can expect from the Canyoneering Las Vegas meetup group, check out our sister site in Los Angeles, Canyoneering California: https://www.meetup.com/canyoneering/ ... you can also check us out at: UBERAdventures.net (http://uberadventures.net)

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UBERFest: Capitol Reef 2022

Capitol Reef National Park

To RSVP for this event, go to the Canyoneering California Meetup page:

Who wants to go to Utah for some awesome canyoneering?!

The only fee for this trip is a $80/person non-refundable fee which includes 4 nights of camping at a private campground with showers! (If you cancel anytime after you sign-up, you forfeit your $80 as a cancellation fee.) Because canyoneering is inherently dangerous, this event is ONLY open to people with professional canyoneering training, preferably from Uber Adventures, or those with significant canyoneering experience! (if you're not sure if your training or experience qualify, give me a shout before you sign-up!) Because this event is SOCIAL, we will rely on experienced people to allow rookies in their groups while descending some awesome, iconic canyons! (As usual, we are not guiding any groups or providing any transportation to or from Capitol Reef, though we will help facilitate introductions and grouping!)

If you want to go to this event, get the training and become a competent participant and valuable team member!

THE GROUP CAMPSITE: I've reserved a cluster of private campsites near Capitol Reef National Park for a maximum of 50 people (details will be provided to participants as the event approaches). This campsite has water, fire rings, picnic tables, restrooms and showers! This campground cannot accommodate MANSION tents unless there are 2-3 people sharing it!

The Group Campsite will also lend itself for all group activities including gathering for ride-sharing, meals, the potluck, games and especially, CAMARADERIE! Because we will always want to get a super early start for our canyons and morning shuttles, our evenings at the group campsite will end early so people can get their sleep.

The campground also has RV spaces and cabins available. If you want to go that route, contact me directly and I'll give you the information. Also, if the group campsite fills up or if you want your own campsite, you may be able to reserve one on your own at the same campground. Again, contact me for details. If this is your choice, you'll be responsible for making (and paying for) your own camping arrangements at the campground.

You're also responsible for your own travel, and your own meals - except, we'll have a potluck at camp on Saturday evening at 7:00pm. Bring something delicious to share. This might also be the time for us to have an awesome campfire (wind permitting); so bring some firewood!

WEATHER: The average temps for May are Highs of 73F and Lo's of 46F, and the area tends to be windy. Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag and secure your tent well!

CANYONEERING IN THE PARK: This is a National Park so you will need a National Parks Pass or pay the park entry fee - no exceptions. http://www.nps.gov/care/index.htm

We are communicating with the Park Rangers to make sure we comply with park rules and regulations. This includes acquiring the required Day-Use permits for technical canyoneering and observing group size limits and numbers in the canyons. As an organization, we cannot exceed the determined number of people in the same canyon or the same route on the same day. DO NOT apply for permits before the event. We will form groups and take care of permits at the event. If there is a canyon you want to lead, send me (Todd) a private message.

Capitol Reef is a clean canyoneering area. Minimum impact techniques that do not damage or destroy rock or other park resources are required:
• The installation of new fixed anchors (bolts, pitons, etc.) is prohibited.
• Bolts may be replaced only if an existing bolt is unsafe.
• The use of power drills is prohibited.
• Where it is necessary to leave or replace existing webbing, the webbing should be black or closely match the color of the surrounding rock.
• Protection may not be placed with the use of a hammer except to replace existing belay and rappel anchors and bolts on existing routes, or for emergency self-rescue.
• Physical alteration of rock faces is prohibited, such as chiseling, glue reinforcement of existing holds, trundling rocks, and gluing of new holds.
• It is prohibited to wrap webbing or rope, or rappel off any arch with an opening greater than three feet.

THE CANYONS in this region are terrific - from beginner friendly to long and arduous .. WOOHOO!! There are a variety of options for canyoneering from easy 2-hour canyons to full-day wet advanced canyons with significant challenges!

The park has awesome hikes, petroglyph panels, arches, technical canyoneering, visitor's center and scenic drives!

P.S. I'm limiting the RSVP's to +1. If your +1 hasn't taken a 3-day basic Technical Canyoneering Course from UBER Adventures or doesn't have SIGNIFICANT CANYONEERING EXPERIENCE, they need my permission or should not be attending.

UBERFest: Zion 2022

Zion National Park, UT

To register for this event, go to our Canyoneering California Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/canyoneering/events/283951646/

Who wants to go to Zion for some real UTAH canyoneering?!

UBERFest Zion: September 28 - October 2, 2022

This is a cost-sharing trip. The $35 being collected for this event is a deposit to cover the cost of a group campsite, permit applications and actual permits.

Here's how it works:

  1. If you choose to camp in the group campsite, $15 will be deducted from your $35 deposit to cover the cost of the campsite.
  2. If you choose to reserve your own campsite, you will only pay a $20 deposit to cover the cost of canyoneering permits.
  3. The group cost of permit applications, used permits, and unused
    permits averages about $5/person/canyon. If you join on somebody
    else's permit, approximately $5 will be paid from your deposit to the
    permit holder. If you are the applicant, you will receive
    approximately $5/application from this fund. If you are the permit-
    holder, you will be reimbursed for your actual expenditures from the
    collected deposits.
  4. If you sign-up for the trip and cannot attend, you will forfeit your
    deposit as a cancellation fee.
  5. If your incurred fees are not covered by the deposit, we will let you
    know after the event and you can pay the balance. If your incurred
    fees do not add-up to the deposit, you can request a refund or donate it to the Canyoneering California Meetup Group to pay for its monthly dues. So, there is no fee for this trip, just a deposit!

THE GROUP CAMPSITE: We’re providing a large group campsite which will hold up to 40 people, so we will only be taking 40 reservations. Because the response to UBERFest Capitol Reef was so overwhelming, we will hold the first 20 reservations open for people who a) did not get a chance to attend UBERFest Capitol Reef, and b) have completed an Uber Adventures course.

OPTION 2: When the group campsite fills up, and/or if you want your own campsite, try to get one close to Group Site E004 and share it with your carpool-mate or another car! If this is your choice, you'll be responsible for making (and paying for) your own camping arrangements at the Watchman Campground in Zion NP. DO NOT get another group campsite at the Watchman. It is against Park rules for 2 group campsites to be reserved by people affiliated with each other.

***If you reserve your own campsite, you will only pay a $20 deposit for the trip to cover the cost of canyoneering permits. Reservations for Watchman Campground individual sites operate on a 6-month rolling basis. You can begin making reservations for an individual site now. Go to the recreation.gov site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to attend this event, you must register for it whether you stay at the group campsite or make your own arrangements. Details on how to pay your deposit will be provided once your reservation is confirmed.

This event is only open to professionally trained canyoneers (must have taken a Technical Canyoneering Course from a reputable organization) and to canyoneers with SIGNIFICANT CANYONEERING EXPERIENCE. (Since this is subjective, if you'd like to attend and are not sure you qualify, please submit a request including your 'significant' canyoneering experience to the event organizer for approval.) The participants in this event will range in experience from trained canyoneers doing their first Utah canyons to experienced canyoneers who will be asked to open their trips to accommodate some of our newest graduates/rookies and take them through some awesome, yet friendly, canyons!

There are several Canyoneering Courses offered between now and this event. If you want to go, get the required training and become a competent participant and valuable team member!

More details will be provided once your reservation is confirmed.

To register for this event, go to our Canyoneering California Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/canyoneering/events/283951646/


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