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This is a group to meet up with other Expats in the Cape Town area! We welcome anyone who has moved here from anywhere in the world, as the difficulties and joys are going to be the same! Whether you've travelled and lived in several countries but now call Cape Town home; whether you moved here on a whim; whether you planned this move for 'so' long and are finally here... this is a group for you!

Moving country is a major, life-altering decision. Maybe it's gone really well, everything fell into place and you love it; maybe things have gone ok, there have been problems and you still love it; maybe you feel it's been a disaster but are sticking it out hoping it gets better; maybe you just wonder whether anyone out there feels the same way you do. Well, that's what this group is about. Let's find out what we think about settling here, what we miss from our respective homes, what support we can offer each other or maybe just have a chat with people who share this life-changing experience.

The ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and frustrations are the same for us all, wherever we have moved from. Sometimes your network of South African friends or family just don't understand and you could do with meeting up with people who share your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Maybe you need someone who can share your travel experiences; agree with what you have found frustrating or wonderful since you moved here; talk about home; give you pointers or help (or maybe you can do that for someone else); or maybe you just want to hear someone speak in your own accent!

So join the group today and give yourself the opportunity to meet other expats (or 'aliens') and be part of this international group! The group is also open to South Africans who have lived abroad and returned home feeling like expats!

Yours in traveling,
The Expat Meetup Group

Some great resources for those new to Cape Town (not affiliated with this group):


The South African Visa Forum (help for foreigners navigating South Africa residency visas): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1520803088233476/

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