What we're about

Carbon Removal NYC hosts public events featuring speakers from academia and industry who are advancing biotic and engineered carbon removal solutions.

This group is focused solely on carbon removal and is not focused on emission reduction. However, the two are inextricably linked: Without reaching zero emissions, carbon removal will not have a meaningful impact on climate stability on a timescale relevant to humans.

Why are we organizing?

To learn about carbon removal together and figure out how we can help. Our goal is to incubate conversations, relationships, initiatives, businesses, and legislative action that support the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and oceans.

Why does carbon removal matter?

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere stays there a very long time and excessive carbon dioxide causes widespread global instability. To stabilize the climate on a timescale relevant for humans, we need to cease all emissions, and we need to remove past carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. The latter process is commonly called carbon removal.

Moreover, when Earth warms, it does so quickly. This is because initial warming leads to additional warming: vast continents of ice melt, making our planet less reflective, absorbing more heat. Frozen soils near the Earth's poles, called permafrost, thaw and release additional warming gasses, like methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. Because past human emissions have triggered additional emissions, carbon removal will be required to maintain climate stability, even in the absence of anthropogenic emissions such as burning gas and other industrial activities.

And, in a warmer world, infrastructure and natural environments don't work properly. Things break, and that leads to major problems for people, the economy, and all the ecosystems on which we rely. To avoid routine humanitarian and economic catastrophes in the coming decades, we need policy, practices, and technology that support ongoing carbon removal.



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