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This group is a Grassroot network of Blockchain, AI & Cypher punks, exploring the Future of decentralized Society & Governance.

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Cardano Eastern Town Hall

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Welcome to the Cardano Eastern Town Hall. This Event is organized with the Cardano Communities from Indonesia, Japan, East Africa and Vietnam. Join the language based Breakout rooms in English, Indonesian, Japanese and Vietnamese and chat with your local communities. You are welcome to participate in meaningful conversations about the Cardano Blockchain and Project Catalyst.

See you there ? :)

Saturday Swarm Session

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Welcome to the Saturday Swarm Session.
The Swarm Session is a open community event which has quite some historical tradition at swarm and has been since its inception in early 2021 a place for interested and engaged community members to come together and to discuss most relevant topics, ideas and projects all about Cardano, Project Catalyst and The Swarm itself.

Join in, be a part of great chats and brainswarms and meet and connect with community veterans & newcomers, builders, visionaries and enthusiasts coming together to discuss the future of our ecosystems and communities

Each Saturday at 17.00 UTC / 18.00 CET

NFT Guild - Weekly Community Open Call

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The NFT Guild is dedicated to developing standards and building tools for the NFT community.

Our mission is to facilitate the creation of a lively NFT developer and creator community and to ensure that projects have the resources they need and a clear understanding of best practices when getting started and throughout their journey in this space.

Our weekly community call is an open-format discussion where members of the community are invited to debate current topics in the Cardano NFT ecosystem or present their projects to the wider community.

Join us and our discussions
Each Tuesday, at 15.00 UTC

Meet the NFT Guild on:
Discord | Twitter | Youtube | Website

Cardano Impact Community Monthly Update

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Cardano Impact Community Monthly Meetup
Making The World Work Better For All

Purpose driven people come to Cardano to build new solutions and systems that have social and environmental impact.

Join this meetup for the impact driven Cardano community to
update, connect and collaborate

MARCH 28, 20:00 UTC


  • -Facilitate collaboration & connections
  • -Share & learn
  • -Embody an Impact governance collective
  • Share Project Updates & Progress, Help needed & Help offered

Meeting Format:

  • *Welcome & Intro: 5min
  • *Keynote ppt: 10 min
  • *5 minute presentation updates and ppt of initiatives (single slide updates)
  • Breakout rooms
  • *New initiatives on Cardano
  • *Keynote presenter
  • *Specific topics

Sign up to present through this form:
Sign up to attend through Meetup link:
Check out the Cardano Impact Community Monthly Meetup Promotional Video

“Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.” Cardano.org

Join Cardano4Climate & the Cardano Impact Community!
Making the World Work Better for All People, Animals & the Planet.

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Catalyst Africa Town Hall

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