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Our goal is to provide an on-going collaborative and informed group for North Carolina and South Carolina Snowflake (computing) users. Most events will be virtual during Covid-19 but will have in-person events in Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh-Durham as focal points for concentrated sets of users for larger turnouts.

You should join if you currently use Snowflake in your organization or are interested learning or educating others in all things that surround the Snowflake Data Cloud such as analytics, industry unique solutions around data, Data Lakes, Data Storage, Enterprise Data Management.

Our events will try to inform, enlighten, and provide real-world use cases and solutions. It will also be a great opportunity to network with others in this area of data management, business analytics and data citizenship. We will try to have official Snowflake product management involved in our meetups several times per year.

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Snowflake Query Optimization

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Query optimization in Snowflake focuses on improving the performance and efficiency of queries executed in the Snowflake. This not only saves time, but it also enables Snowflake users to better allocate their budget within The Data Cloud on things like data enrichment utilizing Snowflake Marketplace.

In this meetup, we explore various techniques and strategies to optimize query execution and maximize the utilization of Snowflake’s powerful features.

Anyone interested in the code we use during our events can check us out on GitHub.

You can also access the blog posts associated with the content in our Meetup Events on Medium, the AICG blog, or the DataLakeHouse blog.

And you can find all videos from our events on the AICG YouTube channel and other great data and analytics related videos on the DataLakeHouse YouTube channel.

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Post any questions in the Meetup discussion forum prior to the meetup event date and if there are any questions or scenarios we can have the presenters work into the session, we will.
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Lastly, we're always looking for contributors to our events. If you're a company currently using Snowflake for your business data demands please reach out and let us know if you'd like to tell us about how you're using Snowflake with your data and business requirements.

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Snowpark for Snowflake

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