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Tuesday Gaming Meetup
Regular gaming meetings at Looking Glass Cafe. We play anything and everything, from obscure European games to popular card games to games printed off the internet - Catan, Dominion, Mafia, Munchkin, Carcassonne, Citadels, Dungeon Lords, and so on. The regular meetings are every Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Anyone and everyone is welcome. We have plenty of room and plenty of games. Don't worry if there aren't a lot of people signed up; not everyone RSVPs weekly, but we normally have enough people for 2-4 concurrent games. The Looking Glass has been kind enough to offer their space; all we ask is that you make this worth their while by buying a drink (or a muffin or a cupcake or whatever you fancy).

Looking Glass Cafe & Boutique

601 West Main Street · Carrboro, NC

What we're about

Chapel Hill & Carrboro have a gaming meetup!

We are open to playing anything and everything from Euro-Strategy board games to d20 roleplaying, collectible card gaming, such as Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons & Dragons, etc etc. Currently the group predominatly plays euro-strategy games on a weekly basis.

Join us TUESDAYS at 7 pm at Looking Glass!

See the About page for more info!
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