• How to start a design agency, with Pek Pongpaet from impekable

    For this episode of Get That UX Job, Pek Pongpaet, CEO and Chief UX Strategist at impekable, will teach you everything you need to set up your own design agency. Pek works with Fortune 100 companies to help them grow their brand and create meaningful experiences.

    He will help you understand:
    • Pros and cons for running and agency and how to tell if it’s for you
    • Types of design agencies that exist
    • Skills you need to master to run an agency
    • How to acquire new clients and manage their needs as a business
    • How to manage processes and systems so everything runs smoothly
    • and more

    Whether you’re a freelancer looking to delegate work to another designer or someone who is interested in launching your own design agency business, this event is for you. Join us!

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    Format: Presentation then Q&A

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  • "Accessible and Inclusive Design" with Matt May from Adobe

    Join Matt May, Head of Inclusive Design at Adobe, to learn what it's like to work as an accessibility designer and inclusivity designer in today's world.

    Matt will teach you what accessible design is all about, the difference between accessible and inclusive design, what designing for accessibility means, the types of projects he works on at Adobe, career paths for accessibility designers and inclusivity designers, and more.

    Watch on YouTube and ask questions!

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  • Hire the right designers for your startup (Founders Network event)

    We partnered with Founders Network to teach founders about the world of design! This event is for startup founders and entrepreneurs in the tech industry.


    As a startup founder, it’s crucial that you hire the right designer. Yet, there are so many different types of designers.

    We have product designers, UX designers, UI designers, user researchers, growth designers, marketing designers, content designers, and the list goes on… How do you know which type of designer you need for your team? Where do you even start?

    For this Founders Network event, design experts Corie Johnson, Elina Lin, and Andi Galpern will share how you as a tech startup founder can choose the best designer based on your startup’s needs. Our panelists know the tech startup ecosystem inside and out. They’ve scaled startups from the early stages, led design teams from seed to series B, and design for some of the world’s biggest brands.

    We’ll talk about:
    • How to evaluate design experience and portfolios
    • Skills and characteristics to look for
    • How a designers’ job changes based on the size of company they work for
    • Where you can find design talent, based on your budget
    • Should you hire a designer or design it yourself?

    Meet our speakers:
    • Corie Johnson, Design Manager at ZenBusiness
    First designer at ZenBusiness, VP at The Operator Foundation

    • Elina Lin, Senior Product Designer at Lyra Health
    (Formerly at LinkedIn, Amplitude, and SimpleHabit)

    • Andi Galpern, UX Growth and Branding Consultant
    Producer of Design Career Network (youtube.com/designcareernetwork), Founder of Cascade SF, Senior UX Design Consultant at Adobe, Growth UX Consultant at Founders Network via HiroLabs

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  • LinkedIn profile tips for designers, Magaly Green, Design Recruiter at LinkedIn

    Magaly Green, Design Recruiter at LinkedIn, will provide expert tips on how to maximize your LinkedIn profile so you can stand out from the competition and land your dream job.

    Join us for a presentation and Q&A to learn how to manage your professional brand with LinkedIn, how to align your LinkedIn with your job search, how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, and more.

    Watch on YouTube at youtube.com/designcareernetwork.
    Direct show link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjMxYwlkkR4&list=PL7kn_dLyIFPUuZcMkn2yfqKzMzsM6nuxN&index=2

  • How to build a well-rounded and effective design team, with Nick Finck

    We have two streams this Thursday!

    11:30am (PT) / 1:30pm (CT)
    "How to build a well-rounded and effective design team", with Nick Finck from Craft and Rigor

    5:30pm (PT) / 7:30pm (CT)
    "LinkedIn profile tips for designers", with Magaly Green, Design Recruiter II at LinkedIn

    "How to build a well-rounded, effective design team"
    with Nick Finck

    Building your design team is more than just finding talented designers to do work. You have to evaluate skills, culture fit, and assess your company's needs to understand how all of the pieces it together.

    For this episode of "Get that UX Job", Nick Finck, Founder at Craft & Rigor and Design Ops Consultant, will teach us how to build an effective and well-rounded design team for your company.

    Learn from Nick and then he'll answer your questions via YouTube chat.

    Follow Nick on Twitter --> https://twitter.com/nickf
    Moderated by Andi Galpern --> https://twitter.com/andigalpern

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  • How UX hiring managers evaluate talent, with Natashia Tjundra from EA

    Ever wonder what a hiring manager is thinking during your job interview? For this episode of Design Career Network, Natashia Tjundra, Senior Product Design Manager at EA will share how she evaluates UX candidates, makes hiring decisions, and what she looks for.

    About Natashia Tjundra
    Natashia is a Senior Manager of Product Design with broad experience at the intersection of design, data, technology, and marketing. Currently at EA, she’s humanizing technology and the workplace while building cross-functional design teams and developing sustainable processes. Her passion has brought her to design mentorship and leadership in diversity and inclusion. In her spare time, Natashia shares truths and positivity in beautifully designed three words.

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  • Nail your UX job interview, with Gretchen Anderson

    Online event

    You know your stuff, and you're ready to put it to work. Let's help you get that job! In this talk you'll hear tips to help you prepare for, and nail job interviews. Whether you've just finished school or are looking for a new opportunity, there's things you can do to help put your best foot forward.

    Join Gretchen Anderson, Author of "Mastering Collaboration" to learn how to ace your UX / product design job interview.

    Format: Presentation + Live Q&A via YouTube chat

    We'll be giving away 3 copies of Gretchen's book "Mastering Collaboration" (O'Reilly Media) to attendees who ask questions on YouTube chat. Join us on April 27th! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTi0A85gOD4

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  • Negotiating salaries for designers, with Chris Liu and Jonathan Shariat

    Our favorite duo, Chris Liu and Jonathan Shariat, are back to teach you their favorite salary negotiation strategies. Discover what to consider when discussing job salary, when to negotiate, equity and equality, how to know your value, how to communicate during a salary negotiation, and more valuable tips to get the most from your offer.

    ** Format **
    Presentation then live Q&A chat via YouTube

    Chris Liu, twitter.com/machinehuman
    Founder of Office Hours Project, Freelance Senior Product Designer, Cohost of Design Review podcast, former Senior Interaction Designer at Mercedes Benz R&D North America

    Jonathan Shariat, twitter.com/designUXUI
    Senior Product Designer at Google, Co-author of "Tragic Design" (O'Reilly Media), Former Senior Designer at Intuit, Cohost of Design Review podcast

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  • 5 UX portfolio best practices, with Aniruddha Kadam from LinkedIn

    Aniruddha Kadam is a Senior UX Manager at LinkedIn who spends most of his working hours hiring product designers, UX designers, visual designers, and interaction designers. He looks at thousands of UX design portfolios and sees the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Lucky for you, Aniruddha will show you how to get your design portfolio right. For this episode of “Get that UX Job”, Aniruddha will guide you on five UX portfolio best practices and mistakes to avoid. These invaluable tips could determine whether you make it to the next round of the product design interview process.

    Presentation then live Q&A via YouTube chat. Bring your questions!


    Watch the talk

    **About Aniruddha**
    Aniruddha's experience spans design consulting, startups, and design management & strategy. Currently, he is building design teams and influencing product design strategies to help create a balanced & equitable talent marketplace at LinkedIn.

    Outside of work, he's volunteers his time mentoring & advising designers, and hiking the Redwoods as a California State Park volunteer.

    **Connect with Aniruddha**
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniruddhakadam
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/rapidsnail​

  • New Grads: Land your First Design Job, Julia DeBari from LinkedIn

    Learn helpful tips for new designers on how to master your UX job search. Julia will provide information on UX portfolios, finding the right job, getting experience with projects, the interview process, and negotiating an offer.

    Julia DeBari is a Design Program Management consultant at LinkedIn. She has over 20 years of experience in user experience design and technology, and specializes as a design educator. Julia coaches designers, teaches classes, and helps young designers achieve their career goals with mentoring.

    ** Julia's LinkedIn**

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