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What we’re about

You are responsible to read all when applying/joining.

An identifying photo is required to join this group. This is for safety reasons. A $5 cash contribution to the Meetup fees charged the group by Meetup is due your first event and only your first event. This is not dues, not reoccurring, will never be charged again. One time contribution.

Please note that Meetup has just changed their feature to include an automatic map to the name of each event. Invariably, these maps are WRONG. Please do not rely on them. I am unable to delete them or stop this process. Future hike listings may not contain anything in the Location line for this reason. Locations will often be in the hike description.

This group is for people 40 and + who like casual easy-to-moderate hikes (like me) and love to connect with the beauty of nature and enjoy some good company.

Our hikes will be primarily easy and moderate hikes at a moderate pace. I am looking forward to hiking, growing friendships and spending good time together.

Events and get togethers can only be posted by group owner or leaders.

"No shows" are a problem. Feel free to RSVP "Yes" for a hike, but remember to change your RSVP (from Yes to No) if you change your mind. Notifying me via Comments does not absolve you from the need to cancel your RSVP. If on a waitlist, rsvp cancelation rules still apply

Waitlist. If there is a waitlist cancelations must be done 24 hours prior to the event

1 No Show from a new member results in eviction from the group. 3 No Shows from established members will result in removal from the group. One No Show to a restaurant event results in eviction from the group.

Closed shoes are required. Events that say Hiking Shoes Required will be strictly enforced.

Members are limited to bringing guests. You need to be an established member (attend five or more events), and are limited to one guest unless rsvps are open (no limit on event). Some popular events will be closed to guests. For couples, I suggest each join separately, as opposed to counting your spouse as a guest each time.

Please be aware that participation to any events with this group requires viewing, reading, and agreeing to the liability disclaimer.

*WAIVER OF LIABILITY: The organizer of this group, assistant organizers, event organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur carpooling to and from hikes or events, or for any injuries or accidents before, during, and after group hikes or events. If you attend any of these hikes or events, you are acknowledging that you freely and voluntarily assume all risks of injuries and damages and agree to participate in the hike/outing.