What we're about

A hybrid between a hackathon, networking session, and community building.

GOAL: Assemble talented people to proliferate awareness of meaningful problems, and then self-organize initiatives to resolve them.

'Problem' loosely defined for wide applicability: technological/human, global/local/personal, specific/general


Do you notice problems and seek collaboration with others with different skills who share your vision and passion to do something about them?

Is your goal to start a business or an organization but you don't have an idea of what to build, or who to build it with?

Do you feel that many networking events are too dominated by job seekers/recruiters, or entities trying to spread their word?


This group is:

- A forum to shed light on actionable problems AND to mobilize an effort to resolve

- A way for talented people to find meaningful problems to solve together

- A better way to network - meet people who are passionate about the same issues

- Grassroots, ad hoc - problems are collectively selected and solutions perpetuated


Note: if you're wondering why members are called 'Tigers'


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