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What we’re about

This group encourages people, from all walks of life, to meetup and discuss how to help various causes.

It's not about donations. We don't believe in charity. On the contrary, members explore ways to generate residual revenue for those in need.

As they say, instead of doling out fish, rather teach HOW to fish.

Members are invited to local, informal social gatherings. Exchanging ideas and focusing on humanitarianism.

Every meetup is themed and we select a topic of discussion from the following:

- Providing regular meals for the needy.

- Helping people find a job and income.

- Assist the homeless to find a roof.

- Recycle and distribute warm clothing.

- Basic medical aid at community clinics.

- Collect and redistribute unwanted books.

- Make sports available to the less fortunate.

- Mentor children and help them into adulthood.

- Help students who are struggling to find work.

- Install renewable resources in our communities.

- Guide struggling business owners to profitability.

- Communal gardens to cultivate fruit and vegetables.

- Recognize farmers and the essential role they play.

- Save old trees and/or replace new wherever possible.

- Protect bees and start more hives around the globe.

- Help homeless cats and dogs stuck in rescue shelters…

- Go the extra nautical mile to find pet forever homes.

- Community resource for lost, found and adoptable pets…

- Speed up pet adoption and help find forever homes fast…

- Protecting and working with our fair feathered friends.

- Relocate distressed horses and donkeys to sanctuaries…

- Liberate wild animals forced to perform in circus rings…

- Clear out zoos and release wild animals from captivity…

While the topics and causes are varied, the common denominator is to create unity with community.

Thinking global and working local, to make our world a better place.

Everyone is welcome to join this meetup group!

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