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Janet A.



Columbia, MD

Joined group

Nov 15, 2010


My collie's name is Gaby. She loves walking & playing with other dogs. Her birthday is March 5.

What is your dog's (or dogs') name(s)?

Jo Jo (Maltese) & Gabrielle (collie)

Your dog's (or dogs') breed(s)? And birth dates(s) (as close as you know)?

Maltese - 8/12/13. Rough coat collie March 5, 2010

Tell us a little more about you and your dog(s). Favorite activities? How you met?

We love taking long walks in the woods. We met through an online pet finder tool.

How did you find out about Columbia Dogs on the Go?

I had Gaby with me being watched by a friend while I was in Giant. My collie group leader spotted Gaby outside the restaurant where she and her husband were dining. She asked him to pay the bill while she came and met Gaby and recruited her to the Collie Group! It was a division of Columbia Dogs on the Go at that time, so I joined and have enjoyed tons of walks since then :)