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This meetup began as the Austin Mike Huckabee for President 2008 Meetup Group. Since that dog died, and since the organizer believes in something called Christian Democracy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_democracy), the group has been changed to reflect this. Everyone from Huckabee days is welcome to stay, and all others that are interested in Christian Democracy are welcome to join. http://cdu-usa.org/spectrum-sm.png


Christian Democracy is not a religion. It is not a church. It is not Christianity per se. Christian Democracy is a 130 year old political philosophy that is based on biblical Christian principles; principles like human dignity, freedom, solidarity, and stewardship. These principles are not parochial, and are not unique to Christian Democracy, but they all have root in a Christian worldview, and they provide a solid foundation for moving forward together with confidence.

Christian Democracy tends to focus on the health of the community in all areas of community existence. This community orientation is sometimes considered conservative in regard to moral and cultural issues, and progressive in regard to social justice, labor, and economic issues. Christian Democracy is common in Europe and Latin America, and is considered a centrist political philosophy (sometimes center-right, sometimes center-left). Many current world leaders and heads of government in Europe and Latin America consider themselves Christian Democrats. Some notables in the past have been German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Chilean President Eduardo Frei.

Historically, Christian Democracy was formed along two related (and ultimately merged) paths: one Catholic under Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903), author of the seminal work Rerum Novarum, the foundational document of Catholic social teaching and Christian Democracy (as well as a guiding light to Pope John Paul II); and another under Reformed theologian and Dutch Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), founder of the Anti-Revolutionary Party in the Netherlands (the first Christian Democratic party) and founder of the Free University in Amsterdam.

Christian Democracy is profoundly resonant in our history as well. For example, the legendary three-time Democratic presidential nominee, and Secretary of State under Pres. Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, would probably be leading this movement if he were alive today. Why? Because he was a man of the people. He spoke out loudly for the little guy; his economic interests and his cultural interests. This is what Christian Democracy is all about.

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Introduction to Christian Democracy
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Come and hear an introduction to Christian Democracy, and then discuss your thoughts and ask questions. We have not decided yet on a time and place, but feel free to respond anyway. It would be good to see how many people are interested. Thanks.

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See Gov. Huckabee in San Antonio - Last chance!

Blossom Athletic Center Littleton Gym

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