What we're about

"This is a group for people that authentically want to heal, connect to their source, heal their inner selves, for women and couples that are on the path of growth, who want to come to meditation gatherings, reiki shares, learn the basics of healing, advanced meditations, spiritual workshops and classes for women and couples, enjoy tea, and gathering with like minds. Let's get together and build community for healing, connection and transformation!"

Some events we will have, for example, are:

Some Meetups will be:

Tarot and Angel Readings

Reiki Share Meetup (for all levels of experience of Reiki and those who want to learn and be initiated)

Massage Shares (this is an all clothes on Meetup with Shiatsu Massage, Acupressure, Thai and Energy Massage practices. You may want to wear yoga pants, sweat pants, or thin pants to massage through)

Meditation Meetups (for Beginners to Advanced Ascension Meditation)

Shamanic Soul Healing Meetup (Shamanic Soul Healing is also a spiritual practice of connecting to your deepest self. You may also want to come to the Couples Talk and Tea Meetup to learn and discuss this)

Cuddle Yoga Meetup (this is a G-rated gathering and for Healing only) (See also http://facebook.com/cuddleyoga/ (http://facebook.com/cuddleyoga/)))

Women's Healing & Empowerment Meetup (Womens Supportive Gatherings, and Womens Goddess Ritual)

Yin Yoga Class Mid Day Gathering (1 hour to 2 hours of Yin Yoga)

Couples Talk and Tea Meetup (A conversation on love, intimacy, and sex for those couples who want to connect deeper, find deeper spirituality in your relationship or those who want to heal with Spiritual Healing, Reiki Energy Healing; you may discover also what Shamanic Soul Healing is and the profound healing of the spirit, chakras and deep shadow self).

Couples Yoga

Couples Massage (location for these will be announced as they are scheduled)

Creative Arts Therapies:

Art for Fun, Healing and Inner Child Play, (painting, colored pencils and more)

Music, Sound and Voice Coaching (for those singers out there, those who want to be or those who want to open their communication to another level and expand their 5th Chakra). This is also a Tantra Yoga practice!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Asttarte & Paul

To get updates on all these events on facebook or find the facebook group, go to: http://facebook.com/centerforhealingartspa/

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