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What we’re about

The intention for this work is to make spirituality accessible to everyone through a deeper connection to their energy. We use the breath to stimulate your energy and train you to get in touch with the flow of your energy. When a person is stuck in their life, their energy is stuck.

The breath can get your energy moving very quickly. This happens as the oxygen enters the blood stream through the lungs and travels through the hypothalamus gland (crown chakra) this releases endorphins which flow to the other glands (chakras) they are all connected. When the energy is moving and the chakras open the emotions move freely creating a pathway for spirit. When spirit is present healing occurs.

This work is much faster than trying to use the mind, by stimulating energy first and opening the chakras we can get into your core faster and cleaner than talking about your problems. The mind will always catch up. The key is to get into the areas where energy is blocked.

The human psyche, intellect, and ego are fortification systems that block our ability to move into our core and activate a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Fear is the main emotional block that stops humans from opening. Fear keeps people living in this heads, shut down and living their lives in very safe and rigid manners.

There is more you are capable of in your life. That’s why you are here.

I have been trained by the founder himself David Elliott - of this particular Breathwork Healing modality and you are safe. My purpose here is to hold space for you there is no judgment only freedom to release what no longer serves. My goal is to spread knowledge of this work and inform people of how they can access spirit for free anytime they want. To make us all better humans and by doing this make the world a better place. Breath by breath