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What we’re about

After a lot of reflection, I have decided to disband this group, at least in its current form.

I am very appreciative of all the people who have participated at one time or another, and particularly for the handful that attended many of our events and were active participants.

I've learned that it is hard to keep something like this running without a lot of work behind the scenes to identify topics and find people and ways to present them.  As my job responsibilities have grown, I have less of that time than I used to and need to prioritize what's left for my family and follow-on career goals.

I think we would all agree that the pandemic hurt groups like this, and that online-only meetings are a difficult forum for demonstrations and active feedback and the kind of multi-participant interaction that makes this kind of group successful.  We may have all bought in a little too deeply to the idea that we could sustain a community without occasionally getting dressed and going outside.

I would like to provide one safety net for us all.  Send me your email address and I will build a new listserv (or at least distribution list) to keep you informed about digital forensics current events and topics.  Respond directly to "" if you would like to participate, and invite other interested people to join in.  You have to do this explicitly - Meetup does not provide me with addresses, just nicknames.  But I'd be happy to have you on board.

Again, thank you to everyone who was a part of this.  Hard to believe it's been almost 5 years.

G. David Frye