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External Event: Star Trek and Humanism with Andrew Copson - SE London Humanists

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External Event: Star Trek and Humanism with Andrew Copson - SE London Humanists


This Event is organised by SE London Humanists. Please also register and book your ticket via eventbrite

SE London Humanists are asking for donations; please consider at least £3. Space in the venue is limited so grab your ticket soon!!

Many humanists know that Gene Roddenberry, the creator and executive producer of Star Trek, was a humanist. He believed that human beings can solve problems through reason and co-operation; that there is no need to turn to superstition or religion for help; that human understanding and intelligence will help us to develop and progress; and that the universe is a natural wonder waiting to be explored and understood. This philosophy shines through the many adventures of Star Trek. Roddenberry did not think of Star Trek as just science fiction. He saw it mainly as a series about people, which is why it is so popular.

Andrew Copson, Humanist UK's chief executive, is a great Trekkie, and he will be sharing all of this at our meeting in March. Afterwards, we will then be going to a local pub, Richard the First, to continue chatting about this and also to celebrate one of the greatest Star Trek character's - Spock - as Leonard Nimoy's birthday is the following week.

It would be great if you could join us, whether you are a humanist, Trekkie, into Astronomy or just interested!

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