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ONLINE Secular Community Network - Hosted by SCN Ottawa West

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ONLINE Secular Community Network - Hosted by SCN Ottawa West


This will be an online meeting using Zoom. You can join with a computer, tablet, smartphone, or by phone (audio only). Information will be provided to those who RSVP

Every Wednesday evening, the Secular Community Network of CFIC Ottawa will host lightly moderated informal discussions on topics of interest to freethinkers, humanists, and to others who are secular.

Suggested topics:

How do you define Humanism? Do you consider yourself to be a Humanist?
How do you define "secular"? Given your definition, what percentage of the Canadian population do you estimate as "secular"?

How does one become a Freethinker? Through genetics, physiology, experience? What distinguishes Freethinkers from conformists or indoctrinees?

Science: Physical & Social
How much science is behind what is sold in health food stores?
What are the most important social impacts of the “anti-vaccination” movement?

Current Events for Freethinkers
Imagine it is now January 2022. US President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris have been in office for one year now. How has America changed since 2019?

Now that plant-based meat replacements are in many restaurants and supermarkets, and with cloned meat products on the way, will this significantly impact Canada's real meat consumption, and will it result in more vegetarians?

Migrants displaced by war, famine, and terrorism are fleeing their countries by the millions, hoping to land in the USA, Canada, and European countries. What do you think is the real problem, and how can the world solve it?

Non-Religion Lifestyles
If you have no religion, from where do you get moral guidance, social values, and a sense of belonging to a community that would help you in problems of living?

Chat West participants should feel free to suggest their own discussion topics from these categories.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP in advance.

Centre for Inquiry Canada Virtual Branch
Centre for Inquiry Canada Virtual Branch
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