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This group is for DIY people interested in controlling and monitoring things using the SBC family like the Raspberry Pi and micro controllers like the Arduinos. The low cost and the many new hybrid devices have made a great playground for monitoring and controlling things. The IoT has become a global infrastructure for personal command, information, and control of physical devices in your local environment. As for the IoT, we are not about the plug-n-play systems but, instead, about what can be done by the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, usually working with the Pi. However, we may also want to complement one of those systems, like Alexa, with our own creation. Aside from the IoT, these devices can facilitate a myriad of projects for practical solutions or for just plain fun. Differing amount and type of programming experience is useful but even that is being replace with graphical tools like Node-Red on the Pi. These devices each have there own documentation, solutions and blogs where most questions have already been asked, are discussed... and, answered. Join, learn, and share what aspect of this exciting community interests you.

This meetup has been largely inactive in recent months but we are now ready to go with a large list of topics. Some of those topics are listed below in no particular order:
o Node-Red on a Pi
o Automated sprinkler system with Pi, ESP8266 & MQTT
o Pi - controlling devices using Amazon Alexa
o Setting up MQTT broker on a Pi
o Omega2+ - Probably the best way for your Arduino project to "post" and "text/email" alerts
o Posting to ThingSpeak and getting around some data limitations
o Build an Arduino Experimenter's test fixture board
o Programming the Sonoff IoT relay
o 3D printed, ESP8266 based 3 servo robotic arm
o Using an X-band motion sensor; using an X-band "near field" proximity sensor (car alarm - but not for the car)
o ESP8266 controlling servos and stepper motors

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